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AP Testing Advice


Written by Logan Smith|
Photos By Logan Smith|

The AP testing finished on May 24th, 2018 for the 2017-18 school year. Students who took the AP tests give their take on how to prepare and what to expect in AP classes. Teachers of AP classes explain how they prepare their students.

The AP class options are AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Spanish and Culture, AP European History, AP Government, AP Biology, and AP English Language and Composition. The teachers who teach AP classes are  physics teacher Abby Walston, calculus teacher Greg Garb, Spanish teacher Laura  Luther, social studies teacher Jeff Motter, social studies teacher Chris Zawadzki, Biology teacher Chris Luther, and English teacher Leslie Chausse.

AP Biology teacher Mr. Luther said that AP classes are similar to other high school classes. He explained that AP teachers get questions from released tests. He thinks anybody can take an AP course with an interest in that subject. Mr. Luther prepares his students with hundreds of AP multiple choice questions, dozens of the free response essays, a timed practice test, and after-school sessions every Friday.

AP Physics teacher Abigail Walston said that AP classes are different from other high school classes because they allow students to earn college credit that may be accepted at their future school. Students save money and time in earning their college degree. She thinks students that are independently motivated to do well and are interested in the subject matter should take the class. She prepares her students by doing practice problems throughout the school year. She covers the curriculum content that is required by the College Board. The students are encouraged to construct their own knowledge since it will lead to long-term understanding.

AP Government teacher Christopher Zawadski says AP classes are different because there is more reading and writing and the AP Government class has to go through 17 chapters from the first day of school to the middle of April. He thinks students who are interested in politics and enjoy reading about current events should take his class. Mr. Zawadski finishes the curriculum before April Break. The last three weeks before the test they take practice exams, practice FRQs, and review all the major content.

This is where students took their AP Biology test.

Senior Madison Seager took the AP Physics and AP Calculus tests. She reviewed her work throughout the year, and for physics, she was given a review sheet from her teacher. Her advice is “to make sure you pay attention in class and actually understand the material because you have to learn on your own at home.”

Junior Paddy Murray took the AP Spanish, AP Government, and AP English tests. He prepared for his Spanish test by focusing on his speaking and writing skills. For his government test, he studied court cases and basic facts about the government. He studied for English by doing a lot of practice tests in Mrs. Chausse’s room that included writing and multiple choice answers. His advice is “what the teachers tell you actually helps; don’t just slack off and think that you’ll pass just easily.”

Junior Olivia McCray took the AP Spanish, AP Government, and AP English tests. She said they did practice from past AP tests in AP Gov, and in English, they did practice essays. Her advice is “stay calm, and for the long ones prepare for how long they’re going to be because your hand is going to get kind of tired from writing.”

Senior Kate Daley took the AP Calculus, AP Physics, and the AP Biology test. She said she felt most prepared for the AP Bio test because they had a lot of after-school sessions with Mr. Luther which helped her prepare and study on her own. Her advice is “do your work all year long and take good notes because it’s good when it comes time for the test.

Sophomore Xavier Carradero-Hasting is taking AP Government and AP Spanish next year. He is taking AP Government because he heard that the teacher Mr. Zawadzki was nice guy. He is taking AP Spanish because he needs “Spanish credits for college”

Sophomore Emma Iovene is taking AP Government, AP English, and AP Spanish next year. She is taking these courses because she wants to broaden her choices in college.

The College Board releases scores for the 2018 AP tests in July.  Next year’s AP tests begin on Monday, May 6th and end on Friday, May 17th.

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