A Colorful Week: Ally Week


Last week from May 7th to May 11th, The Morgan School recognized Ally Week, which is a week dedicated to students organizing events to encourage more people to become allies against anti LGBTQ+ language, bullying, and harassment in school.  

Here at Morgan, the GSA (Gay, Straight, Alliance Club) organizes Ally Week. Their mission is to gain more support at the school for LGBTQ+ students. They also hope for more student involvement.

Sophomore Catie Duffy said, “It’s a valid club any more than the environmental club. Nobody makes fun of environmental club. We want people to know what our club actually is and what we do.” The GSA has been struggling lately with participation and sophomore Allison Goguen explained that “This is our way of getting back into the community. The LGBTQ+ youth of color is struggling.”

For Ally Week, the GSA planned color days as well as guest speakers. The guest speakers have a variety of topics to talk about such as being in a healthy relationship and the basics of coming out. These are issues people and especially teens in high school struggle with as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Allison added, “One of the guest speakers talked about transgender and gender issues which were really helpful. I think it is something people don’t know much about.” The colors add up to the colors of the rainbow which is an LGBTQ+ symbol. Ally Week is supposed to bring everybody together and remind us all that we are a community. 

The GSA said that they received a lot of participation.  Many students signed a banner and purchased bracelets.