A Kick-Start to College


Written by Quinn Trahant|

Many people going to college also attend some sort of orientation. Whether it’s just a 2-hour course or something overnight, orientation is one of the best programs schools provide for incoming students. Not only does it introduce freshmen to college life, this where they will meet their future peers and get the basics of what to expect from classes. Most importantly, this is the beginning of the college journey.

Although many of the incoming class will have toured the campus before, orientation is far more in-depth. This is most likely the first time students are at the college as official students, and it will feel completely different. Freshmen will also receive pieces of information that will add to this sense of officialness. This includes a student e-mail address and photo ID. Students will also get a chance to complete their schedule of classes for the fall and have the opportunity to buy textbooks and merchandise bearing their school’s name.

At one college, UConn, orientation is mandatory for all first time students attending the Storrs campus. Their page states that their program “helps first time, degree-seeking students make a smooth transition to the University of Connecticut…it is comprehensive and designed to cover all the academic and business procedures that new students have to complete before they begin classes in the fall.” Uconn lists its standard orientation as overnight, with an option to go during the day. The cost is around $200 and covers meals as well as room for the night. There is also an option for parents to enroll in their own orientation where they learn what it means to be a college parent as well as receive tours and financial help. This is not just limited to Uconn, as colleges around the country have similar plans and experiences.

When students arrive for orientation, the group leader will bring them to many different areas around campus. During the first week of college, it is probable students will get lost. These tours help students learn where everything is. Students at UConn’s orientation will also choose prerequisite classes with the help of an advisor. There are also many lectures for students covering everything from safety to consent. These things are all important and are all reasons to be excited for orientation and college in general.