Chili Throwdown 2018


Written by Sydney Fratamico and Taylor Wyatt|
Pictures taken by Taylor Wyatt and Sydney Fratamico|

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Culinary Arts teacher Joanne Nunan held a chili competition. Students were given 90 minutes throughout B and D periods to cook their chili.  A total of 11 students competed, and 14 judges tasted and scored each chili.

Jhan Bermeo and Gabe Luiz, Nick Caprio and Ryan Farrell, Ashlyn Harris and Cassidy Shepard, Kiara Lopez, Dakota Robinson and Stephanie Terrace, and Carter Skidmore and Jack O’Sullivan all competed against one another.
The judges judged on five categories using a scale of 0-5. They judged on color. The chili had to be appetizing, and reddish brown. They also judged the aroma. The chili had to smell good, which would be an indication as to how it tasted. The consistency was also important. The chili must have a good sauce to meat ratio. Dry, watery, grainy, or greasy chili was not favorable. The taste was judged based on the combination of the meat, spices, etc. with no particular ingredient being dominant. Finally, the aftertaste was judged. The judges desired heat, created by the spices or peppers.

The winners of the competition were Juniors Carter Skidmore and Jack O’Sullivan, with pot #4.

Students are looking forward to the competition next year!