Senior Plans: TEACH Dredging Gap and Military


Written by Abbigale Pitarra|
Photos from the Morgan Pawprint|

Senior Gabby Vigorito

Some students in the class of 2018 plan to work, join the military, attend a one-year training program or earn an associates degree at a community college.

Gabby Vigorito is attending a one year program at TEACH  in Guilford, CT. TEACH stands for The European Academy of Cosmetology and Hairdressing.  Gabby said, “I enjoy hairdressing, and that is what I want to do with my life, and this program is great because I will be certified in hairdressing after one year.” She said that there are many pros and cons to this program. She is very excited to go because it is a small school, and she is saving a lot of money by not paying for college. There are also some cons that she is not very happy about. She said, ” It is very close to home, and there is no campus. It is going to be harder to meet people and connect. Also, she fears  commuting every day will be a hassle.”

Senior Chad Davenport

Chad Davenport is one of several students who is entering the workforce fulltime directly after graduation.  He works very hard.   He’s going to work as a deckhand on a dredging rig. Chad said, ” I had never planned on going to college.” He loves working on the water and loves what he does every day.” He is a very busy young man going to school and then right to work every day. Chad intends to start his own business one day after he learns all of the trade. Chad said, “I choose to dredge because it has a high hourly rate and good benefits.” Chad will be working up to 84 hours a week

Senior Ava Araujo


Ava Araujo is going to take a gap year. She plans to work and save money and do an internship to keep herself in line by staying busy. Ava explained that at only 16, she felt she was too young to go to college. She decided to “take a year of preparation.” She is very excited to take a break from school to save money and gain some motivation. She will be working long hours, and she will have no help applying to college from high school.


Josh Barabas is joining the Army after he graduates from Morgan. He has already signed his contract. He has been planning on going into the army for a while now, and he is very excited to start his career after high school.

Senior Josh Barbras