Who Should be Mr. Morgan?


The ten contestants

Written by Mikhela Hull –

Mr. Morgan is a competition, similar to a beauty pageant, that is taking place in the auditorium here at Morgan on Thursday March, 28th at 7pm. This event is being sponsored by the Morgan Yearbook. Half of all proceeds are going to the Chase Kowalski Fund. The tickets are five dollars, but you can purchase a ticket for three dollars if you wear a 26 Acts of Kindness t-shirt. There are ten junior and senior guys that have stepped up to the challenge and are hoping to win a great prize. Each gentleman will be asked to compete in formal wear, beach wear, talent, and an interview portion. For formal wear, each student will be accompanied by an escort of their choice. The judges are Ms. Laterra, Ms. Delgrego, Mr. Gersz, and Mr. Richitelli. They will judge the students based on how well they compete in the categories above. There will also be an opportunity for the students in the audience to pick a winner. A poll is open for the audience members to send a text message of their favorite contestant. The judges’ winner will receive the first prize, and the audience’s winner will receive a prize for runner up. The judges’ winner will receive a free tux rental for prom from Colin’s Tux Shop in Old Saybrook, CT.