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Students’ Perspective on Parking: Get Out and Stay Out!


Written by Ashley Baldwin and Melanie Coretti |
Photos by Ashley Baldwin and Melanie Coretti |

Teachers have been parking in the students parking lots. Teachers do not think they are causing conflict among the students, however, there are many student complaints. Almost one full row of parking spaces in the student lot are filled with teacher’s cars.

The student lot is comprised of 143 spots, and the teacher lot is comprised of 149 spots. There are only 111 teachers an faculty in this school, so there are more than enough parking spots to accommodate them.  There are 21 visitor parking spots that remain vacant for the majority of the school day. In a survey sent out to juniors and seniors, 54% of the students said that they have encountered issues with parking due to lack of spots.

Student Lot

Teachers have been told to park in the teacher lot, which is rarely full. Although the teachers think these spots are closer to their classrooms, teachers can access the building from any door with their keys. Students can only get in either the front door with buzzing in or the back door while the doors are open. If students park in the teacher lot, it is a safety hazard because buses leaving the school by the teacher lot. Since there are not enough teachers to fill the teacher lot, it doesn’t make sense to students for teachers to park in the student lot.

English teacher Heather O’Brien, who parks in the student lot, said, “It is much more convenient for me to park there because it’s closer to my classroom.”

History teacher Corey Zdunczyk who also parks in the student lot said,”It is closer to my classroom, and it is convenient to park there.”

Mathematics teacher Mr. Samet said, “Teachers who park in the student lot have a desire to get their car dinged.”

Junior Madison Emmi had to recently move her car out of a visitor spot since there were no student spots available. She said, “When I walked in, Mr. Webb looked at me and told me I should have parked in the teacher lot.”

Teacher Lot

Senior Stephen Zumpano takes advantage of his senior privilege and is allowed late arrivals in the morning. Stephen has encountered issues with parking on multiple occasions. Stephen said, “It makes no sense for us to be switching lots when teachers have way more spots than we do. It might as well just be a free for all then.” In response to the teachers taking up spots, he added, “I’ve heard a lot about teachers not wanting to walk as far across the school. Well, that’s really tragic because we all have to walk across the school every day, and I think that is a blasphemous excuse as to why they have to park in our lot.”

Stephen also said, “Our parking lot is always completely full by the time I get there, which really makes it pointless for me to even have senior privilege!” Zumpano also shared a message for the teachers, “I’m sorry that your classrooms are across the school from the teacher lot, however, most of the upperclassmen have classes across the school from the student lot, so if we can deal with it, you can too…the administration doesn’t see it as an issue, but frankly, it is.”

Mr. Rapuano blocking cars with his truck

Another concern of the administration is students parking in the visitor parking spots closest to the front door. Students cannot park in these spaces. ISS monitor Chris Rapuano drives his truck around, asking students to move the cars that are parked in the visitor spots. This stresses students out because they now have to find spots in their lot, where the teachers have taken up spots.

Students hope these parking issues will be solved soon.

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