Spring is Upon us

Written by Katt Wilkinson |
Pictures by Katt Wilkinson |
Slideshow by Katt Wilkinson |

Spring is upon us and that means being outside and being active. That also means spring sports have started: boys baseball, girls softball, outdoor track, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, boys tennis,  girls tennis, and golf. Ronnie Butchetto and Tim Nerri are captains of  boys baseball; Sarah Thompson and Lily Dawson are girls softball captains; Justin Santamaria, Alyssa Mancini, Rachel Duda, and Stephanie Caroll are outdoor track captains; Nick Testoni, Marc Simmons, Alex Emutis, and John Chann are boys lacrosse captains; Isabella Ragonese is girls lacrosse captain; Eli Phelps is boys tennis captain; Jasmine Mealy, Katie Clini, and Paula Peraulta are girls tennis captains; Frankie Rivas, Gabe VanNess are captains for the golf team.

I interviewed someone from each sport to see what they had to say about the season.  Tim Nerri from boys baseball is enthusiastic: “I’m excited for this entire season; we should be good this year and get far in Shorelines and States, if not all the way.” Dennis Forbes from boys lacrosse said, “last year was average and there is no Shorelines for boys lacrosse, but if we play well enough we can win it all for States.”  Eli Phelps, the captain from boys tennis shared his thoughts. “I’m excited for tennis; tennis is something I looked forward too.” Eli said boys tennis has a challenging season ahead:  “It is a rebuilding year after losing the Seniors we lost, but I have confidence in our guys.”

Rachel Spotts for girls softball said, “we’re going to kick some butt this year and definitely make it to semi-finals again if not further and win it all.  After losing a big part of our squad last year’s senior Lauren Fitzgerald with a big stick and great glove.  We still have girls to carry on our greatness.”  A senior from girls tennis, Miranda Richard, said, “I like tennis season.  It’s a good time, and it’s a good team to be on. I have 20 tennis friends.”  Erin Barnett, sophomore,  has her thoughts about her spring sport: “I love track. It’s a good environment to be around if you’re not a good runner.”  Liz Bradley explained that there are  many opportunities in track:”Everyone might not be the best at running or all the other things you can do for track, but most kids are wanting to do it to stay in shape which is great”  There are over sixty kids on track this year.  A senior captain from the golf team, Frankie Rivas,  reported that golf will do even better than last year:”Improving on our strong finish from last year and having our returning starters will hopefully improve our 2nd place in shorelines and 3rd in states.” Good luck everyone this year in you’re sports hope everyone gets far!