Kindness Project: Tracking the Ripple Effect


Freshman Genna Rauccio

Written by Abbigale Pitarra|
Photos by Abbigale Pitarra|

Freshman Genna Rauccio is promoting the Ethan Song Kindness Project that began in Guilford, CT in honor of Ethan Song. She introduced the project to The Morgan School by bringing the idea to Principal Keri Hagness.

Two months ago, Guilford lost a very important member of its community. Fifteen-year-old Ethan Song was tragically killed in a gun incident. The whole town of Guilford came together to support the Song family. The project established in his name is meant to honor him.

Genna explained, “I decided to bring this Kindness Project to Morgan because I was close friends with the student from Guilford, and I felt that spreading the kindness not only at Guilford but throughout other schools would really make him feel honored,”  She plans to make everyone aware of this project.

The project involves acts of kindness and kindness cards.The cards have directions for the act of kindness, a QR code for access to a survey and a serial number.

Students or staff who receive the Kindness cards commit one act of kindness. After completing the act of kindness, the holder of the card takes a picture of the code.  The code brings the cardholder to a survey online. The survey asks the participant for his/her name, who he/she received the card from, and an explanation of what he/she did for the act of kindness.  There is another QR code on the back which reveals the history of the card and how far the card has traveled.

Students at the Morgan school must not ignore this project. The least we can do is spread the kindness throughout our school in honor of Ethan Song. 

Visit the Ethan Song Kindness Project website