Students, Staff, and Soup


Written By Lily Cummings|

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, culinary teacher Mrs. Nunan hosted her monthly soup bar. This is where teachers can come in during their lunch and purchase soup which included small and large chicken noodle, tomato, pasta fagioli, crackers, a drink, and a dessert prepared by the foods class. This months soup bar event, however, was unlike the others; the staff was allowed to bring a student with them.  Invited students could eat for free. 

This will be happening every other month as an extension of “Say Hello Week“. Mrs. Nunan said, “It is nice to get away and socialize with people you probably wouldn’t otherwise talk to.” Spanish teacher Señora Natale attended the event with Junior Kayla Pellegrini. Señora Natale said, “I enjoy getting to talk to Kayla, and the soup is delicious.”Senior Emily Davis attended with science teacher Rachael O’Reilly. Emily said, “I am honored to be here attending with Mrs. O’Reilly. It’s a lot better than just a PB&J.” The atmosphere is kind, open, and very unique. Hopefully, this event will create a stronger bond between the staff and the students. The next month where a teacher can bring a student will be May.