Morgan Cheerleaders Head to US Nationals


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By Mikhela Hull |

Morgan Cheerleading has come a long way this year. Our coaches created a conjoined season that went from the end of July to the beginning of March. Morgan Cheerleaders cheer for football, basketball, and we also have our own competition season, which takes place during the boy’s basketball season. We started football season with twenty-two girls and throughout basketball we ended up losing some cheerleaders. The intense competition practices caused some of the girls to leave our squad, however, this left us with fourteen girls to compete with. Even with this obstacle, the Morgan Cheerleaders managed to win first place at the NECA competition on March 2nd. Mrs. Robinson, who has supported us throughout our season said, “The hardwork and dedication of this years’ cheer squad is evident by their successful performance at this year’s NECA competition. After this competition, we were supposed to only compete in states the following weekend, but since we won first place, we were invited to a US Nationals competition on May 4th in Rhode Island, CT. This extends our cheerleading season until the beginning of May now.