A Varsity Sport of the Mind

Written by Katt Wilkinson |
Video by Shelby Church and edited by Mike Baker |
Photos by Madelyn Corbett |

Ms. Rizzo, coach of High School Bowl for the past five years,  described High School Bowl as “a varsity sport of the mind and a great opportunity for students to come together to collaborate and use their minds in a healthy competition.”  Even though it’s only a club, it is a competitive one which people are able to join at anytime- any day they would like. Each Shoreline school hosts a high school bowl meet  durng the year. At the meet each team competes against a different school. Each team has  four people and four buzzers. There is first a toss up question where an individual on either team will buzz in  to answer. The toss up question determines which  team will answer the first team question. The MC will then ask a question and the team will deliberate  before answering.  The team with the most points wins the meet. The Morgan high school bowl team has won every meet except one, but they are still in first place.

One of the captains, a senior Katie Baisden, praised high school bowl. She said, “it is one of my favorite clubs  because lots of shenanigans go down. Practice is a lot of fun, and there is a lot of food, especially at Valley’s because they give us chicken nuggets.” She also said, ” It helps academically- wise because it cements everything you have ever learned. It is an even distribution of everything under the sun.” Quiz Bowl member,  Shelby Church, a fellow Senior, provided a sample question: “Animals won’t eat animals that are struck by ______,” and she answered “lighting,” and was correct.

There are many Morgan students who are members of High School Bowl including Ian Baron, Austin Coco (Captain), Madelyn Corbett, Emily Cusen, Erika Renkl, Raegan Riley, Lucas Cummings, Alex Swett, Bree Davidson, Tulsi Patel, Katie Baisden (Captain), Emilie Wilke, Michelle Beauvais, Stacie Candella, Shelby Church, Taia Biddle, Shelby Hemet, and Max Hauser. At the meet at Morgan, Austin Coco, Ian Barron, Katie Baisden, Emilie Wilke and Michelle Beuvais competed against Valley. Goodluck in Shorelines!

[wpvideo R2eg2ViW]