Leading Morgan in the Right Direction


Mya Yetso, Rachel Gelven, Chloe Grimes, Catie Donadio, and Jon Fiorillo (left to right) were a few students who attended the leadership conference

Written by Taylor Wyatt |
Photos by Taylor Wyatt |

On March 2nd, 2018, a select few freshmen and sophomores who want to be future Husky leaders and learn the qualities of being a leader, met with Aric Jackson in the A-wing collab room for an all-day leadership conference.

During the leadership conference, the freshmen and sophomores did a series of activities to discover what type of leader they were. A few of the activities included choosing between two characteristics that best described the students as a person, writing about the student´s motive for being a leader and the type of leader the students were.

Aric told the students his life story, which is what motivated him to be the leader that he is today. Aric was very up close and personal which the students enjoyed.  Sophomore Rachel Gelven said, “It was really fun, and it was really personal. It enabled all of us to figure something out about ourselves that we didn´t know before.”

Many of the students that attended the leadership conference liked how Aric discovered what type of leader they are.

Jenna Scanlon and Sage Follo were sophomores who attended the leadership conference

Sophomore Mya Yetso said, “I really liked this leadership conference because it was different from the others. I enjoyed how he got real with us, and he didn´t sugar coat anything, and it was really helpful to learn how to become a better leader.”

Several of the future leaders agreed that the leadership conference changed their life. Sophomore Sage Follo said, “I thought it was eye-opening, and it was so different from any other conference that I´ve been to. It impacted my life in a positive way.”

The overall message of the conference was inspirational, and it motivated the leaders to change the Morgan community so everyone is nice to one another. The future Husky leaders are inspired to change The Morgan School for the best so that the school can be even better than it already is.