Who will be Mr. Morgan?


Mr. Morgan Reminders

Written by Abbigale Pitarra|
Photos by Abbigale Pitarra|

Every few years, Morgan holds a beauty pageant fundraiser for the senior class called Mr. Morgan.  This year it will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 6:00 PM, in the Morgan auditorium. Senior and junior boys compete for the title of “Mr. Morgan.”  All of the boys will have an escort that can be a girl or boy.

Teachers will be the judges for the event. They will be Assistant Principal Tyler Webb, English teacher Julie Frydenborg, Spanish teacher Susan Peterson, Guidance Counselor Joni Zdunczyk  and Social Studies teacher Cory Zdunczyk.

Senior Cameron LeClaire will be the host and Senior Meghan Schulze is running the whole event. ” I am very excited to be apart of Mr. Morgan and you guys should all come and watch it because it is a really good time and it is funny to watch,” claimed Cameron LeClaire.

The contestants for Mr. Morgan will walk out with an escort in the dressed for each of the categories to perform  The categories are:

1. Formal wear/ introduction

Bring this home and get it signed

2. Beachwear

3. Talent Divison

4. Date Wear

5. Interview

All participants will receive a Mr. Morgan trophy, but the winner will receive a crown and a FREE tux from Colin’s Tux.

Those who are not performing on stage should come enjoy the event on Thursday, March 27th. Admissions is only 3 dollars.

Some of the contestants for Mr. Morgan: