Juniors Gain Independence


Olivia enjoyed choosing her classes online.


Written by Santiago Sanchez|

In the past, students selected their  courses in school with the help of the guidance counselors. This year The Morgan School is trying something different. Juniors completed their course selections on their own through Power School. I asked the juniors how they felt about signing up for their senior classes online. Most of them gave positive feedback.  Patrick McAllister said, ” it is useful because it is preparing me for college.”  Olivia  claimed,”  it makes us more independent and prepares us for college.” As a senior, I wish I could have signed up for my senior year courses online when I was a junior.

I also asked the juniors  what some of their favorite courses were during their high school experience. Patrick McAllister said, “AP Bio is my favorite class. It’s not terrible. It’s actually a fun class. Mr. Luther is a great teacher. You just have to keep up with the work, and you’ll do well in the class.” Olivia Savva said,”foods was my favorite course because it is preparing me for the future.” Overall most of the students are content with completing the course selection at home.

Mr. Jacobson also was pleased with the process:”It is going very well. As of today, Friday March 1st, 86% of the students have completed the online course selection.”