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Junior Year Stress


Written by Anthony Coretti |
Photos by Quinn Trahant |

Junior year is often recognized as the hardest year in high school. If you are a Senior, you already know what I’m talking about. The SAT, AP Testing, and the feared Junior Portfolio are all right around the corner for these three juniors. This year the Juniors will have to take the new the NGSS science test on April 24th. The Juniors will take SAT’s on March 21st, and the AP tests that begin May 7th through May 18th.

A few well-rounded students from the junior class shared their opinion on the second half of their third year at Morgan.

Junior Ryan Caldwell

The first student that was interviewed was Ryan Caldwell is a very active student at Morgan.  He plays football and lacrosse. Ryan told us that he was really stressed about the SAT considering its importance in the college application process.  “Really stressed about the SAT, because they are important, and if I do, bad I will die.” The average US score for the SAT is 1080 out of a possible 1600.

When Ryan was asked about how he felt about Junior Portfolio, he responded with: “Simple, easiest thing I will have to do at the Morgan School.” Ryan seems very confident compared to other junior/senior students that have passed the portfolio. Perhaps the most important question that Ryan faced was whether he felt like the SAT, Junior Portfolio, and the AP tests should be spread out, rather than having them all at the end of the school year. Ryan said, “It would help keep students relaxed and help them prepare.” Caldwell was most stressed about the SAT and least stressed about Junior Portfolio.

Junior Johanna Gutierrez

The next student that we interviewed was Johanna Gutierrez. Johanna is near the top of the junior class and plays Field Hockey in the fall. When asked what she was most stressed about she responded: “AP exams because you don’t know what to expect.” The AP exams, no matter the subject, are all challenging. On the topic of the dreaded Junior Portfolio, Johanna said, “I think it is very time-consuming, considering other junior problems.” Many of the other juniors that we interviewed agreed with Johanna on this point. Like many of her peers, Johanna is stressed about everything that is coming up soon in the springtime. 75% of the juniors that the PawPrint interviewed agreed that the SAT, Junior Portfolio, and AP testing, should be more spread out to avoid cramming and stress.

Junior Conner Derry

Conner Derry is a new student here at Morgan and is on the baseball team. Conner told us that Junior Portfolio will be the most stressful for him. Conner, like many Juniors, has yet to take the actual SAT. When asked for his opinion on the SAT, Connor told the PawPrint, “I don’t know. I have not taken them yet.” Connor agreed that juniors have a lot of work at the end of the year and that it should be spread out because “it is a lot of work in a short amount of time.”


Be sure to attend practice SAT sessions with Mr. Messina, Mr. Samet and Mr. Underwood. Remember to ask your guidance counselors and teachers for assistance if you need it.

Here are some helpful links:

  1. The Morgan School Guidance Department
  2. Khan Academy
  3. College Board
  4. Common App

Good Luck to all of the Juniors who will be embarking on the second half of their Junior year!

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