Video Game Club – Willem v. Connor Match 5


By Darby Oboyski|

Hello once again, everybody. Welcome back to my the Video Game Club series. Today’s episode is a little bit different from what you are used to. For this episode, we have two students playing instead of teachers. We have Freshman Connor Page versus Sophmore Willem Devries in Pokken Tournament on the Nintendo Switch. The reason for having students play instead of teachers is because the videos taken when the teachers were playing didn’t come out well. The first one that was taken was completely blurry and on the second attempt, the camera card was filled so I had to whip out my phone. The video I recorded with my phone was all wobbly. Besides all that, this was actually a very good match that Connor and Will had (They knew how to play.). Comment down below who you think will win, and I hope you enjoy the video.


[wpvideo NosheACB]