Morgan Girls Lacrosse on the Road to Success


By Emily Davis and Taylor Marnett|

Due to what some would call an unsuccessful season last spring, the Morgan Girls Lacrosse team has decided to go out on their own and sharpen their skills in the offseason. They have decided to join an indoor winter league where they will compete against eight other participating teams. On Sunday mornings, 14 of our players will be heading out to Montville to the Wide World of Indoor Sports complex to play 7 v 7 games with two 25 minute halves.

This opportunity allows the girls to practice with each other in the off-season instead of working on their skills alone. One of their issues last season was working together as a team to bring home wins, so playing together before this upcoming season should benefit them. Seniors Emily Davis and Madison Seeger decided to put this together because the previous years the team only had one week of preseason to tone their skills and prepare for the season. Emily said,” I think this will help us because we will be playing with each other as a team so we will be more cohesive when the regular season comes around.” The team also wants people to take the team and sport more seriously than they have in the past. Madison said, “We decided the winter league would be a good way to get our team to work together before the season. Last year people took lacrosse as a joke because of our record, and this year we want to change that and become a successful team.”

The girls participating are excited about the opportunity. Junior Olivia McCray said, “I’m really excited about the league. Last year was a bit of a rough season, so this should help us improve not only as individual players but enhance our team dynamic. Also, we’re playing against teams that aren’t in our league so that should help us improve as well.”

Morgan played their first game against the Blue Diamonds on Sunday, which they won 20-16. They play Norwich Ladycats, Griswold, Woodstock, Segavas, Ledyard, East Lyme, and Westerly within the next few weeks. Their last game is on March 4th, just a few mere weeks before their regular season opener.