Inside Clinton Businesses: Doc’s Bar and Grill


Written by Claire Pease and Kerryanne Longyear|
Photos by Claire Pease|

As another month comes, it means another Chamber of Commerce Newsletter. Claire and Kerryanne headed to Doc’s Bar and Grill in Clinton, CT. The following is what was included in the newsletter.

Doc’s Bar and Grill is a neighborhood friendly bar here in Clinton. It has a welcoming environment that includes two pool tables, several dart boards, pinball, and a bar. It serves Mexican inspired food along with some traditional bar menu items. It receives many good reviews on websites like Tripadvisor and Yelp. There are several reviews raving about the fish tacos, along with how friendly and outgoing the wait staff and bartenders are. One review states,  “I’ve been there twice now and will definitely be going back. The fish tacos are awesome (we had them both times). I think the new owners are from Southern Cal, so the food has an authentic Mexican flavor.” Another describes, “Went to this bar/grill with my sister and it is clean, spacious and the bartender Jennifer was so friendly and welcomed us with her outgoing personality. I would go back just to see her.” The bar is comfortable-friendly and draws people back to its good atmosphere and service.

The owners of Doc’s Bar and Grill are Paul and Jane Orsini. They started their business in Clinton about 4 years ago. Before moving to Clinton in 2003, they lived in San Diego, California. They got into the business because Paul had retired from his job as a financial advisor and he “wanted to get into the bar business, and the timing was perfect”.

Paul Orsini

They say that their main goal is to grow their business but keep the same comfortable environment. They bought the bar when it was struggling to stay open and are proud of how far they’ve brought it.  Paul says they are also proud of the number of regulars they get in the bar. He says that “95% percent of people that come know everyone in there,” and “it’s not just a bar where someone will stop by and you won’t see them again.” In five years, they would like to see their business grow, and in ten years they’d like to be retired.