A New Husky


Mrs. Corbett helping out some students.

Mrs. Corbet
Mrs. Corbett

Written by Katt Wilkinson |

Interviewed by Katt Wilkinson |

Pictures by Mikalea Hull |

What a great new addition to our school: Allison Corbett. I interviewed her and found out what she brings to the table as our new technology education teacher. Mrs. Corbett worked at the Hartford Courant before becoming a teacher.  This was interesting since our journalism group recently visited the Hartford Courant on a field trip. She worked as a photographer and picture editor, but she knew her career was not stopping there. She decided to go back to school at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain for two years to get her certification for teaching. I asked her why she wanted to change her career from photography with a great company to teaching here at The Morgan School.  She replied  that the newspaper was struggling financially,  and after a group lay off, she was only meant to be to become a teacher here. She she said, “I wanted to be able to apply my skills that I had in a professional career and teach them to students.”  There is not much of a difference from her old job to her new job except she gets to teach people the same photography skills and picture editing skills that she learned when she worked at the Hartford Courant. I asked her also about her transition to The Morgan School.   She said that everyone has been a big help to her and that people would go out of their way to help her if she needed it.  People constantly remind her that if she needs anything they would help her. It’s good to see that she is enjoying her transition to our Husky Community.

Most students agreed that they like her  teaching in the classroom and her personality outside of the classroom. One student  in a digital imaging class, Bree Davidson, a senior,  said, “she is a great teacher; she is very helpful and teaches all aspects from hands on, to visual and to notes.” Another senior in her digital imaging class said, “she is a very helpful teacher; she is really good about if we have a question. We can just go up to her and ask.” Looks to me like she deserves a gold star. Welcome to Morgan, Mrs. Corbett.