Video Game Club – Beckett v. Richetelli Match 4


By Darby Oboyski|

Welcome back once again to Teacher Turmoil. For this episode, we have English teacher Paul Beckett face off against Business teacher Ryan Richetelli. Both Mr. Beckett and Mr. Richetelli requested not to play a fighting game, so we had them play Gran Turismo 3(a racing game) for the PS2. This was actually the most requested face-off since I started this series. Also, this is the first episode that throughout the video, there will be subtitles of funny things that both Mr. Richetelli and Mr. Beckett said. This video is longer than the usual ones because it was a race instead of a fighter. Comment down below who you think will win and I hope you enjoy the video.


[wpvideo bj9L6mux]