College Life with John Urban


John Urban

Written by Marie Kane |

John in his senior year

John Urban graduated with Morgan’s Class of 2017 and now goes to Avery Point, where he was recruited to play baseball, and is majoring in physical education. College is going well so far for John. His favorite part is sports, but he dislikes the school part.

“I like college, and it’s a lot different because it’s a lot of responsibility.” John misses some friends and teachers from high school. John also gave a shoutout to mathematics teacher Stephanie White who was his favorite teacher. John would not do high school differently and prefers college over it. “You don’t get treated like a kid.”

There is no on-campus housing, so John lives in an apartment. “Living in an apartment is so fun.” He said that it was fun in the beginning, and that it still is. He has three other roommates and loves them.

John in his senior year

“Baseball is my favorite sport and I am going to keep playing for as long as I can. Basketball was fun even though we sucked because there’s nothing like playing home in the new gym with everyone being there.” John has played these sports throughout his life. He plans to keep playing baseball after college, and if that doesn’t work out for him, he will be a gym teacher. “I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to be a gym teacher because it would fit me well,” John said that he would work at Morgan as a gym teacher if a spot is open in the future.

John gave advice to current Morgan students heading to college, saying, “Don’t stress about it because it’s not as bad as you think, but it’s a lot of responsibility to keep up with your work.”