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College Life with Matt Capece

Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Matt Capece

Matt Capece graduated with Morgan’s Class of 2017 this year. Now, he attends UConn Avery Point. He is at this college because he applied for the wrong major by accident. He plans on teaching high school Spanish after college. Matt likes the school but not the commute. He is majoring in secondary education in Spanish and is currently taking general classes.

Matt with current senior, Thomas Southwood

College is going well for him, but Matt described it as stressful. “Before college, I was a little nervous, but now it’s not that bad. It’s a grind.” He enjoys the independence he has but doesn’t like how some teachers there don’t care about the students.  Matt shared a memory from college. “I was driving on my way to school going a little fast and got a good old speeding ticket”.  He has mixed feelings about being out of high school and in college now. “I miss high school a lot, but there will be more memories in college.”

Matt in the lip syncing battle his senior year at the homecoming pep rally

He prefers high school over college and was voted Heart of Gold for senior superlatives. “I don’t really get the social aspect at Avery Point as it’s a commuter school.” He misses football and the teachers he had at Morgan. His favorite teachers from Morgan were Mrs. Luther, Mr. Samet, and Mrs. Chausse. “Shoutout Abby Pitarra for the grind”.

Mr. Samet had Matt for Honors Algebra 2 when he was a junior and honors pre-calc when he was a senior. He described Matt as moral and ethical and said how he always knew that Matt had his back. “I’ve known him for too long. I’ve known him since he was a puppy.” Matt was one of the best kids that Mr. Samet has ever taught. ““It was great having Matt as a student. He was a student of exceptional character and limited math abilities, but through hard work and bribing the teacher, he achieved good grades. He turned into a pretty good master.” Mr. Samet shared a funny story of having Matt as a student. “I had him period B in honors pre-calc.  He used to sneak into the G period class and would pretend he belonged there, as if he could stay in a double class. He did that because he loved math so much, which is a joke. He thought he was better at basketball than I was.”

He played football for eight years and was known on the teams as “Brown Sugar” and the captain. He was a captain in his senior year. “What I liked most about football was the brotherhood that there was. We were all there for each other and it was a grind.”

Matt’s advice for people who are still in high school but are planning on going to college is to take classes seriously. “Make sure you study hard and take the SAT seriously as well, but balance that out between having some fun as well.”

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