Homecoming Spirit 2017


By Claire Pease|
Photos by Romulo Vicuna|

Friday, October 27th was Morgan’s first pep rally. The pep rally sparked school spirit in preparation for the next day’s football game and Homecoming Dance.

The pep rally began with the class of 2018’s entrance. Students in the bleachers watched the seniors perform a choreographed dance to Star War’s music. Then, students cheered on as the cheerleading team performed some cheers incorporated within the dance. Once everyone had performed there were a few guided cheers inviting the whole school to participate. Every student was screaming with school spirit.

The main thing that students were looking forward to was the Homecoming Court Announcements. Once the court was announced, two students were able to compete against each other in a lip sync battle.

This year, Senior Miles Waterbury and Junior Homecoming Court Princess Marie Kane competed against each other. Students then voted with claps, and they clapped the loudest for Marie.

To end the pep rally with a bang,  students were able to play in a tug of war game between different grades (junior versus senior and freshmen versus sophomores).  The seniors beat the juniors, and the sophomores beat the freshmen.

Below are some pictures that were taken throughout the fun and spirit-filled pep rally.