Halloween Collection for the Homeless


Written by Kerryanne Longyear|
Photos by Morgan PawPrint Staff

This year, Halloween fell on a Tuesday, which is slightly unfortunate for trick or treaters, but it did mean that we could celebrate Halloween at school. Students and faculty who wanted to wear a costume were asked to bring in donations that will be put in bags that will be donated to the homeless in New York City. Mrs. Robinson is the head of this operation. She said that the bags that are made here are going to be given to a privately run organization managed by DJ John Micheal. This organization will walk the streets they know have a large amount of homeless in bad weather conditions and distribute the bags.

Donations are still being accepted. You can donate cash, socks, scarfs, hats. etc. The goal for the school is to make 50 bags and collect $50 dollars cash for the homeless.