College Life with Aubry Allen


Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Aubry Allen

Aubry and her friends at a college football game

2017 Morgan graduate Aubry Allen aka “Aubs” attends WVU (West Virginia University) and is interested in geology. Her first semester classes are Geology 101 and 102 (lab), College Algebra, an Algebra Lab, Psychology 101, Human Nutrition and Foods, and a freshman seminar class. “Before college, I could not be readier to get out of Clinton, but now that I am here I do miss it often and regret taking advantage of my time there wishing I was somewhere else.”

Aubry and her family at her graduation

“I chose West Virginia University because I was uncertain on my major. Out of all my options, WVU had the best program to help me figure it out.” She checks in with her progress every two weeks and explores major options. “College is a lot different from high school. There is a lot more responsibility. Professors will not remind you of upcoming assignments. It is your job to do so. College is where you really have to learn to manage your time. Besides school work I have also had to fit time into my schedule for laundry, groceries, getting to bed at a decent hour, etc.”

Aubry loves college and said it feels great to be off on her own. “It has been a great experience so far. WVU is a big change from Morgan. It is a huge school but with so many opportunities to join clubs or give back to the community. It felt like home right from the start.” Her favorite part is all the freedom and football games, but she does not like when all of her exams pile up, and she ends up having five exams in one week. College is going great for Aubry so far, and she is doing very well in all of her classes. “In high school, I was so lazy with my school work, but ever since I got here, I have been using my time wisely to get work done and even get ahead.” 

Aubry and her friends at senior prom

She explained her opinion on living in a dorm on her campus. “It is very different living on campus, but also very easy. I adjusted surprisingly quickly. Before school started, I made sure to learn my way around. Living in a dorm is not bad at all, my roommate and I get along very well. We do everything together.” Aubry used the word “spontaneous” to describe college- “Whether it is going out and making new friends, finding somewhere new to eat, or even just a new route to class. College is all new spontaneous experiences.”

Abby Pitarra and Aubry at 2017 graduation

She chose college over high school. “College you really get to explore who you are in so many different ways. Although the studying may be harder it is really worth it to be somewhere new learning to be on your own while making so many memories.” If she could go back and redo high school, Aubry said that she would put in more effort and actually do her homework and study.

Aubry played field hockey and softball and was field hockey captain senior year. She shared a funny memory from high school which was when she started the trend of everyone walking around with blankets in her senior year. She misses playing for MFH. “They were like another family to me.”

Aubry playing in a fockey game

She gave a shoutout to “Miss Shook” (now Mrs. Antle). “I would like to thank you for your psychology class. Everything I learned has helped me tremendously for Psych 101 at college.” She highly recommends this class to the Class of 2018. Her favorite teacher from Morgan was mathematics teacher Alan Samet. “He was a great math teacher, always encouraged me to the best I could.”

Aubry and Mr. Samet at Aubry’s senior prom

Mr. Samet had Aubry in Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Pre-Calc. He described her as a “sterling student”. Mr. Samet also said that it was frustrating to have Aubry as a student because she did not work up to her potential. He described Aubry in one word as likable. “She had a pleasant personality and was never rude, crude, or socially unacceptable. She was always polite to me and always honest with me.” He shared a funny story about Aubry. “She was always eating in class, and I could never get her to stop eating. She would think she’s being sneaky, but I always knew when she was eating. I think she had a three-course meal in my class every day.” He described Aubry also as very, very bright and very smart. “She’s going to be very successful in life with whatever she does.” Aubry was one of Mr. Samet’s favorite students.

Aubry gave advice to students still at Morgan. “Enjoy the time you have. It really does fly by. Stay focused on school. I wish I did. Keeping up good grades in high school will make college so much easier especially financially or already get credits out of the way. Stay close with your grade. It is very different going from 12 years of school together with the same friends and all of a sudden surrounded by strangers.”