0-16 to 3-7-4


Written by Jill Crowley and Abby Pitarra|
Photos by Rachel Gelven|

The Morgan field hockey team had some rough years in the past,  only winning a couple games a season. During the 2016- 17 season, the team did not have even one win. Working hard to try to get better was a big goal for the team. This year it started to pay off. The field hockey team has always been such a close-knit team despite its record, but now, the wins are a welcomed addition. Junior field hockey player Chelsea Piccirillo said, “My only goal this year was to play hard and win because this is our year. We have a good team, and we can shine.”

This year Morgan field hockey has a record of 3-7-4 and counting. All of the games were very close and they could have had those ties as wins. In the past, people made comments to members of the  Morgan field hockey team about not winning and just always taking selfies, but this year the team has worked very hard to win proving everyone wrong. ” The team is looking very good. No one used to go to the games, but this year it is fun to watch the team play and fight so hard. Also, deck people.” said by senior Ryan Farrell. Many of the students at The Morgan School are very proud of the Morgan field hockey team and how much they have grown together as a team. Senior Carly Schmidler said, “I am very proud.” She continued to explain that the team, ” Makes me happy to watch my friends succeed.”

Many of underclassmen have stepped up this year. Going from JV to varsity is not an easy task for any sports team. Varsity requires better skills on the field. Freshman Abby Gordon is the goalie for the team, and she has had an unbelievable season. She is a huge add-on to the team. Senior Abby Pitarra said, ” As a defender having Abby in goal is the best thing that can happen to our team. She works so hard all the time and is never with a bad attitude even

when we are losing.”   They have made an outstanding comeback” ¨Best team @ Morgan” “They are better than the football team” Teamwork makes the dream work.¨

The other field hockey teams are also noticing the field hockey team at Morgan. Junior Avery Bauman from Westbrook Field Hockey team sent a text message to Senior Captain Abby Pitarra. ” I hope you guys over at Morgan are very proud of your season! You guys have improved so much and have really grown.” The Morgan field hockey is very proud of the outcome of their season and many people are noticing that the team has improved greatly. They are praying that they can keep the close-knit team and the positivity on the team.