Art Club Revival


Written by Kerryanne Longyear |
Photos by Kerryanne Longyear |

Inktober Art Challenge (Kaitlyn Tunney)

A few years ago there was a successful art club at Morgan. It was run by president Amber Vuilleumier and co-presidents  Jamie Corcoran and Darcy LaFrance. They were talented artists who were helpful and involved in the community. These students have since graduated, and former art teacher Pam Neri, the advisor of the club, retired. Sophomores Kaitlyn Tunney, Lexie Arnoldi, and I want to bring an art club back to Morgan. It will be a cool group for people who like to draw, take photos, paint, make digital art or use Photoshop, make sculptures, or just like to look at art and maybe want to learn more.

Inktober Art Challenge (Kerryanne Longyear

We will meet on Mondays in the art room. In the club, we will do themed art challenges and group projects, and members can give each other constructive criticism and critiques. We can also work together or separately to complete projects we offered or were asked to do by the school or community. We will also make and run an Instagram to display our members’ art and projects, and we may even go on a field trip or two.

Inktober Art Challenge (Lexie Arnoldi)

We want to form a group of students of any skill level, beginner or otherwise, who like any medium. Students don’t have to be good at art to join. Any students who are interested should email Kaitlyn, Lexie, or me, or they can attend our first meeting which will be in the Art Room after school on November 6th.

If you would like to contact us, these are our emails.

([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])