Lights Out for the 49’ers


Written By Santiago Sanchez and Liz Bradley |

The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl Champions, and the crowd goes crazy! I roamed the halls of The Morgan School to find out what the Morgan community thought about the Super Bowl. Dwight Carmona, sophomore at The Morgan School, shared his feelings about the big game with me. When asked who Dwight wanted to win the Superbowl, he responded quickly with “the Ravens”.  A popular debate, sparking controversy throughout the US, was who deserved to win Super Bowl MVP. Although Joe Flacco, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, received this award, many fans think otherwise. Dwight responded, “Ray Lewis” when questioned about who he thought personally deserved the title, Superbowl MVP. Mr. K, in-school officer, at The Morgan School, shared with us how he felt  about the power outage at The Mercedes Benz Superdome. He responded, “Yes it changed the momentum of the game.”  Many Baltimore Ravens fans agree that if the power had stayed on the 49’ers would have never come back as far as they did.