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Would You Rather…?


Written by Claire Pease and Kerry Longyear |

 We sent out a survey asking students three ¨would you rather” questions for fun and out of curiosity. The three questions we asked were ¨ Would you rather be an hour early to school or be 20 minutes late every day?”, “Would you rather never use social media again or never watch another movie/TV show again?”, and “Would you rather have your peers think you are a horrible person but your family be very proud of you or have your peers think you are great but your family thinks you are a horrible person?”.  Below are the results.

For our first question, 77.9 % of students said that they would rather be an hour early. The other 22.1% said they would be 20 minutes late. Students choose an hour early because they didn’t like being late. They wanted to get work done. They didn’t want to miss anything, and/or they didn’t want a punishment of being late. The other students that chose 20 minutes later said that they would like to sleep. One student believed that “It’s healthier to wake up later, waking up so early damages our health”.

For the second question,  57.1 % of students said that they would rather have movies and TV shows and the other 42.9% said that they would rather have social media. Most students who chose social media said that they wanted to stay informed and keep in touch with their friends. The students who chose movies believed movies are more educational or that they need Netflix to survive. One student said they would rather have TV and movies because ¨social media causes drama.¨ 

The final question was a bit more serious than the other two. 80.5% of students said that they would want their family to be proud of them and have their peers think they are horrible, and the other 19.5% chose the opposite. Students who chose the first option mostly stated “family is forever” or “family comes first no matter what”. Some seniors said that they would never see most of these people ever again, and they could not care less what their peers think of them. The other group had some interesting responses as well. One student answered that “Blood doesn’t make a family” and another said, “my friends mean a lot to me. Family isn’t everything”.

Our inspiration for this project: Would You Rather?

If you’d like to participate in these surveys be sure to look out for our next email!

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