Sophomore Starters for Morgan Volleyball


Written by Taylor Marnett and Emily Davis |

Freshmen and sophomore athletes dream of the day they get to step onto the varsity court for the first time, playing alongside their upperclassmen idols. This is not just a dream for three athletes on the Morgan Volleyball team, however, it’s turned into a reality.

Sophomores Maggie Mahoney, Sarah Kuever, and Charlotte Davenport have all secured a spot in the varsity starting lineup, due to hard work and facing their fears. Transforming from a JV player one year to a consistent varsity player the next is a lot of pressure, which is what Maggie agreed with when she said, “Starting on varsity is pretty scary sometimes, but it’s a good experience.” Even though starting can be scary and a lot of pressure, all the girls agree that it is a good opportunity. “Starting varsity for volleyball is a really good opportunity because it will help me in the future,” Charlotte said.

In order to smooth the transition from JV to varsity, some athletes participate in offseason clinics or leagues, which help to tone skills, build experience and confidence. Charlotte, who was strictly a JV player as a freshman, stated, “I worked my butt off in the offseason to get to where I am. It’s just a good opportunity.” Now Charlotte is one of the team’s middle hitters, which is a prominent role on the court.

Even though all positions on the court are important, the setter is the most crucial. The setter usually touches the ball every time it’s on their side of the court, which ends up being a lot of touches. Sarah is the team’s setter, and she feels this way about starting, “I’m nervous about starting, but I’m also really excited to be on the varsity squad.” So far the team is 4-2 and if you want to see the sophomore starters, come and support this Wednesday, September 27th at 5:30.