Dan Radka Heads to D.C.


Written by Rachel Gelven |

Photos via Rachel Gelven and Senator Chris Murphy´s website

Morgan students have taken part in many opportunities, though none have participated in one as intense as being involved in the United States Congress for 5 months. Junior Dan Radka has been recruited by U.S. Senator Chris Murphy to join the Fall 2017 Senate Page Program.

Senator Chris Murphy

Although something like the Senate Page Program may sound boring, it is far from that. Dan, who left for Washington D.C. on September 5, is currently helping with important day-to-day tasks of the U.S. Senate.

To be a part of the Senate Page Program, there are a lot of things that a student has to do. Page responsibilities include delivery of legislative materials, preparing the Chamber for Senate sessions, and carrying bills and amendments to the desk. In addition to this, a student must attend the Page School, which teaches classes in the mornings, starting at 6:15 am (via Chris Murphy´s website).

However, with all of these exciting opportunities, there are also some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks includes not being able to bring any personal electronic devices. Dan explained in an email that this is to open opportunities to bond with other pages.

However, with all of these exciting opportunities, there are also some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks include not being able to bring any personal electronic devices. Dan explained in an email that this was so he could bond with fellow pages in the program. Dan has been assigned a special email for people to contact him, as well as a payphone for calls. Senior Olivia Silver keeps in touch with Dan using the payphone.

Dan Radka

Dan, although having to be away from his friends, family, and girlfriend for so long, is very excited about this new opportunity because, as anyone who is friends with him knows, he is very involved in politics. “I am very honored to have been granted the opportunity to serve as a Senate Page. I am looking forward to experiencing the highest level of our nation’s government firsthand while simultaneously being educated about its inner workings and processes.¨ (via Chris Murphy´s website)

Dan has been having a great time so far, with being able to meet new people, and being able to talk to some famous politicians. ¨My best experience so far would have to be Senator Booker (D-NJ) giving me a piece of chocolate cake from the Democratic Caucus lunch that I worked last week. That is the first that comes to mind but I can say that I have opened the door for Senator Sanders, spoken to Senators Warren, Murphy, and Blumenthal, and many more.¨

Senator Chris Murphy is also excited to have Dan helping in the Senate. “I’m really excited to have Dan as part of the Page program. He’s going to learn a lot about public policy and about how to improve his community back home through service,” said Murphy (via Chris Murphy´s website).

The community here at Morgan is very excited to see Dan´s advancements in his service while participating in the Senate. We hope he is successful in his endeavors both while in D.C., and when he returns home and relays the information he learned to the community.

Note: updated by Rachel Gelven 9/28/17