Welcoming The New Counselor


Written by Claire Pease |
Pictures by Claire Pease |

This 2017-2018 school year, Morgan has welcomed a few new staff members to our community. One of them is the new guidance counselor, Moheba Sayed. 

When Ms. Sayed first walked into Morgan, she went to the main office where the people ¨were kind and welcoming.¨ They made sure that she felt comfortable. She described the physical building of Morgan as ¨beautiful.¨ Although Ms. Sayed lives in Madison, she was drawn to Morgan because of the size. She says that ¨since Clinton is on the smaller side, I will get to know all of my students.¨ She likes the community feeling that Morgan has. Ms. Sayed became a guidance counselor because she enjoys helping students plan their future. She also says that she wants to help students achieve what they want to pursue in life. Ms. Sayed has worked in two other high schools before coming to Morgan so she knows what it is like working with teenage high schoolers.

Ms. Sayed grew up in Connecticut. She went to high school in Waterbury. As for her Undergraduate college education, she went to UConn. She then got her Masters Degree in Fairfield. This year Ms. Sayed is very excited to be here. She looks forward to getting to know all of her students. Next year, however, she will no longer have sophomores. She is going to be following her sophomore students to 11th grade and then no longer have 10th graders. She will be a counselor to eleventh and twelfth graders only beginning next year.  Outside of school, Ms. Sayed likes to play tennis, read, and watch Netflix! 

Ms. Sayed would like the whole of the Morgan community, inside and outside the building, to know that she is ¨really happy to be here,¨ and she is excited to work with the school. 

Be sure to stop by Ms. Sayed´s office to introduce yourself to your new guidance counselor.