Seniors Joining the Military


By Aryn McQuarrie and Maggie Guba|

Senior Autumn Johnson being sworn into the Coast Guard

The 2017 graduating class of The Morgan High School has many seniors pursuing different opportunities. Nine seniors have courageously chosen to enroll in the United States Military. Many of these seniors have already enlisted, while others have gone the full way and been sworn in. The nine enlisted seniors are; Autumn Johnson (Coast Guard), Julia Zirkelbach (Army), Jack Holveck (Air Force), Jillian Accetta (Army), Harry White (Army), Liam Gordon (Army), Dominick Reynolds (Army), Joseph Broughton (Marines), and Tyler Dean (Marines).

Julia Zirkelbach who has enlisted in the army said, “I enlisted March 27th and go to drill every 3 weeks. There you do something different every time like last week we did helicopter evacuation rescues and combat.” When asked about why she chose to join, Julia stated, “It’s a family thing, and I wanted to do something different with my life every day.”

The only student to enlist in the Air Force was Jack Holveck, He explained why he chose to join: “Growing up with my dad- he has prior service in the army, and he did not want me going into the Army necessarily, he wanted me to go more towards the Air Force.” He has already enlisted and is signed up for four years of active duty and four years of inactive duty.

Jillian Accetta who plans to enlist in the Army said she wants to because “I have a lot of family members in the military and I think that it is an honorable thing to do.”