Cold Blooded Creatures 2017


Written by Emily Sordo |

On Thursday night, June 8th, children were inspired by Mr. Luther and his AP Biology students. This show was the 4th annual Cold Blooded Creatures reptile presentation. It showcased a multitude of cold-blooded creatures ranging from lizards to pythons. The event’s goal was to teach children the importance of reptiles in the ecosystem as well as encouraging kids/parents to donate non-perishable food items to the local food pantry.

Senior Julia Zirkelbach said, “Tonight was filled with excitement.Not only were parents and kids awestruck but we the students were moved by the educational teachings provided to the children. It’s important that we get the incoming Morgan students a taste of what fun opportunities the science department has to offer. From the biology reptile show to environmental students taking the time to teach younger kids the importance of recycling and water quality, we genuinely care about the future of the community around us”.

Senior Autumn Johnson said “It was really fun because I was able to take my brother Landon and his best friend Julian. They’re both in second grade, and they both really looked forward to going. On the car ride home, they wouldn’t stop talking about how cool it was to touch the snakes. I think it was a really good experience and there were a lot of people who came to support.”

Tonight was a pure example of our school’s motto “We are Morgan. We are Family” by having the ability to get an entire community to come out and support the students of The Morgan School, as well as our local food pantry. It is moments like these The Morgan School cherishes: educational opportunities,  selfless service to the community.