The Healthy Husky Color Run


Written by Autumn Johnson |

For the past four months, Morgan Husky Leaders and members from the THP Project Purple Club have teamed up to plan a 5k Color Run. The Healthy Husky Color Run was held on June 4th and had over 50 people register.

Julia Zirkelbach and Madison Seeger were two of the Husky Leaders who participated in this event. Julia stated that “the turnout was better than I expected, and I think it was really successful. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support on this project!”

Madison agreed with Julia. She said, “it was a really good turnout for the first year. It’s a fun event for all the families in the community to participate in, and I look forward to next year.”

The course took runners past the fields at Morgan, through the Joel School parking lot, down Hurd Bridge Road, to Cream Pot Road, and then back to Morgan the same way. Of the 50 runners that ran, Hannah Scarpace and Sydney Chomicz both felt that it was a fun and a do-able race.

Sydney said, “the race was a really fun experience, and I would do it again. The course was not too long but not too short, and having the color thrown made it even more fun.” Hannah stated that she really enjoyed the race, and “the course wasn’t too difficult, and I would do it again.”

Overall, the first Healthy Husky Color Run was a success. The Husky Leaders and THP Project Purple look forward to seeing everyone next year!