25 Reasons Why We Love Mike the Custodian


Written by Jillian Crowley and Emma Iovene|
Photo by Emma Iovene|

Keeping our school clean, Custodian Michael Guertin has worked here at Morgan for many years. Sadly, he will be retiring this year to move to Florida.

So the Morgan PawPrint put together a list of all the reasons we love Mike…

  1. “He is a funny dude.”-senior Sofia Sicignano
  2. “He gave [Tati] chocolate for Valentine’s Day.” –freshman Tatiana Serrano
  3. “He is funny and doesn’t care what he says or does.”-junior Juan Avila
  4. “He cares about the students and is hardworking.”- junior Issac Eriksen
  5. “He is a real and genuine guy.” –sophomore Calvin Jackson
  6. “He dabs.” –sophomore Mike Savage
  7. “He is a beast.” –sophomore Bailey Hornyak
  8. “He is awesome.” –junior Kenny Bernal
  9. “He has a great sense of humor and is a great custodian that cares for the students.” –freshman Elmir Gutic
  10. “In the morning he always brings a light into the room.” freshman Jenna Scanlon
  11. “He always has a great attitude.” –freshman Liam Trahant
  12. “Every time I see him he hits the folks (a dance move).” –sophomore Bryce Thomas
  13. “Last year he was in my hallway, and he would always say good morning.” –junior Georgia Nye
  14. “I can always count on him to hold the door for me.” –junior Mikayla Mancini

    The OG school as Mike is the OG custodian
  15. “He enforces all the rules.” –freshman Charlotte Davenport
  16. “He helps us out and is very friendly.” –junior Abby Pitarra
  17. “He is an absolute savage.” –freshman Ben Lichack
  18. “He is a good and friendly guy.” –sophomore Sydney Church
  19. “He asks me how my day is every day and has great dance moves”-sophomore Ford Pender
  20. “He is amazing and is a cute guy.” –senior Sasha Krivosky
  21. “He is the man.” –senior Ivan Villanueva
  22. “He is the OG custodian.” –freshman Aryn McQuarrie
  23. “He is funny and always says what’s up in the hall.” –senior John Urban
  24. “He is super funny and one time when Tyler Borzillo took my shoe, he yelled at him and told him to stop.” –sophomore Alyssa Lemay
  25. “He is nice as one time he gave me a PBJ sandwich.” –senior Jake Anselmo

The Morgan PawPrint along with the rest of the school want to wish Mike the best of luck with his future. Morgan will never be the same without him. Thanks for all you do Mike!

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