Take Me to France!


By Judy Chicione |

Lately, the Morgan PawPrint staff has been practicing their French…in a way. As you may have read in my other articles, (Morgan Gets Connected, and Morgan Gets Connected: An Update) the PawPrint staff has been communicating with classrooms around the world. Previously, we reached out to schools in Indonesia, California, Australia, Pennsylvania, and Ecuador! Most recently we have been in communication with Mrs. Meynier’s classes in Morestel, France at the Lycee Camille Corot School.

Instead of a French course as an option for a language, the high school students that attend the Lycee Camille Corot School can choose to take English. Mrs. Meynier’s two classes are interested in practicing their English, and getting to know other cultures and places. We put together a video introducing them to the Morgan school. We showed them our gym, the cafeteria, Mr. Samet’s math class and more. When we sent our video to Mrs. Meynier’s English class, she said, “I’m IMPRESSED! Your video is great!” In response to our video, her two classes sent back forty different videos in which her students introduced themselves to us and told us about their lives in France. One of  the students, Samantha, said in her video, “I like many things but what I prefer is the handball.” She showed us a picture of herself, one of her favorite players, and pictures of Disneyland in France

The Morgan PawPrint staff is excited to see what the rest of the videos will show and tell us about France. We will share the videos with Mrs. Sunny’s French students.  They will create videos in French to share with the Lycee Camille Corot students.