Welcoming The Eighth Graders With Open Arms


By Kendra Dean|

The Morgan School is having an open house on January 27th for next year’s freshmen. The open-house will include a tour of the building, a panel presentation with Morgan students and staff, and a presentation from Newman Architects about the “New Morgan”.  Mrs. Hagness said that the open house should give the eighth graders exposure to what our school is really like. They will be able to ask questions, talk with guidance counselors and staff, and get a full tour of the building. This should help the eighth graders decide what school they want to go to.

When I asked some students why the eighth graders should choose Morgan, I got a lot of positive answers. Isabella Pittara, freshman, said: “They should come to Morgan because it’s a good school, and it has good teachers. Everyone in the school is very nice.” Amanda Tannoia, freshman, said: “ The eighth graders should come to Morgan because it’s a good place to learn with good teachers and nice students.” Taylor Bergeron, freshman, said: “ Morgan has more freedom. You can also learn a lot here.” Thomas White, junior, said:” We have a wonderful learning commons. There is also a wide variety of people to meet, making this school friendly to everyone.” Brett McDowell, senior, said: “ Our school is really cool.” Josh Prevost, senior, said:” Morgan is a well-rounded school with teachers that truly care about their student’s education and do their best to help them reach their goals in life.” Mrs. Hagness said that coming to Morgan allows the students to experience a public school experience; it also provides a varied experience. We challenge students every day to do their best.

Morgan is very welcoming and supportive. We have a lot to offer. There are a variety of sports and clubs here to join. Our teachers are very nice and work hard to educate us, and the students are very friendly and helpful. We are all looking forward to welcoming  new members to the Morgan family.