Making a Difference at Morgan


Written by Alexis Alfano |

The environmental club has been trying to get a recycling program going at Morgan for the entire year. It was a very hard concept until recently when blue bins designated for recycling appeared in each classroom and lounge.

Most of the rooms did not have a recycling bin until recently. Environmental Club President Hannah Gaudet wants every student and teacher to know where these blue bins are placed so we can recycle as many bottles and papers as possible. “We put a recycling container in the copy room, library, and moved the ones in the lunch room to a better location.”

Hannah has always been aware at Morgan when it comes to waste. “I would like students to continue to be mindful about how much waste and how much waste the school creates.”

The bins in each classroom are blue and have a recycling picture on the front. Most of them are placed next to the garbage can. The janitors will empty the bins every Wednesday. But in order for them to do that, there can only be bottles and paper in that bin. If there is any trash, food, wrappers, they will not empty it into recycling. The trash and recycling that is in the bin will have to go into the trash. So in order to make this successful at The Morgan School every single person will have to contribute to making sure that only paper and water bottles go into the blue classroom bins. We need to work together every single day for the rest of the year and the years to come help our school and community help the environment.

The presidents of the environmental club are two seniors: Olivia Powers and Hannah Gaudet. Olivia and Hannah have been involved and interested in environmental science since freshman year and have always worked to better the community. Biology Teacher Emily Lisy is the adviser of the club. The club meets once a week to discuss the recycling program at Morgan and to plan other events.

Many people have joined their club after seeing how it makes a difference. Many students at Morgan are learning how to better our environment and the community we live in.