What Do We Want?


By Justin Escobales |

One of the things that I believe puts us above other schools is the fact that we do our best to give our students what we want. We often challenge the ideas that are of the norm, and try to get what we want into the school.

Unfortunately though, we often don’t voice what we want because it is a bit tough to do so. Talking to authority is hard. And we don’t have any kind of suggestion box or anything.

So I decided to write an article that will act as an anonymous suggestion box. What do we want?

A large amount of kids said that they wanted to: “Get rid of the lunch numbers.” Indeed, they do seem to be a problem, as I see that the line is moving slower than it used to, and people are getting lunch later than before.

Many students complained that we need “Better technology”. I think we could solve some simple problems by taking some simple steps. For example, a student gave the simple advice that we should “Put Google Chrome on every computer!”.

Some students complain about our heating system, and that we should get a better one. Perhaps we should just make it more constant and flexible. Certain rooms are colder than others, but when we have the strange warm day and the heating is on, the rooms get hot.

Teachers also had some interesting input. One said that we could use, “More space for teachers and students to collaborate. Oh, and a pool.” Another said that they would like to, “… see more course offerings for students that are skill oriented…”