Morgan has a Big Glass Problem


|Written by Ivan Villanueva and John Urban |

After spring break the window in  Spanish Teacher Susan Natale’s room appeared to be shattered. The average estimated cost for a window installation can range from 450-600 dollars.  Mrs. Natale stated that ¨A student had an excellent theory. It was that the window was defective, and while the janitors were working on the roof, the pressure from the roof caused the glass to break¨. The theory may not seem completely logical, but there are no other leads because the security footage was viewed, and there was no misconduct recorded.

Unfortunately, this issue has a negative effect not only on the image of the classroom, but this window happens to look out onto the courtyard. Therefore students can not sit in the courtyard because of the hazard the broken window brings.

Principal Keri Hagness said, “ The glass we have is special ordered, and we called the company who installed the windows, and they said it would take about 6 weeks. That deadline is arriving and they have yet to call back¨.  It is an unfortunate circumstance, but Mrs. Hagness also said, ¨I can try to get approval to just board it up with wood¨. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved as soon as possible, as the weather gets nicer.