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    Seniors Will Be Missed


    Written by Marie Kane |
    Photos by Matt Capece and Alexa Schmidt

    Seniors will be graduating on Tuesday, June 13 leaving their mark on our school. The seniors will be missed, but what will they miss about Morgan?

    Among their friends, teachers, events, sports, and more, there are many parts of their Morgan life that seniors will miss.

    Matt in his senior year
    Matt in his sophomore year

    Matt Capece will miss the teachers from Morgan. “Many of the teachers I have had have impacted me greatly, and I will miss being in school with them daily and listening to what they say.”

    English teacher and golf coach Eric Bergman will miss the class of 2017 very much. “I built such profound relationships with each of these students that graduation is so bittersweet. They have come into their own and found their voice and now seem fully equipped to go out and test themselves against the world. Laughing in class and seeing the occasional excitement in them as we learn something new are my favorite memories with them.”

    Ivan Villanueva will miss his friends and teachers. “I’ll miss my friends. I’ll also miss some funny teachers that I had and that I could relate to, like Mr. Bergman for example. My junior year was my favorite year because, for football, we almost went undefeated, and it was a year of a lot of physical and mental growth for me.”

    Jake Anselmo will miss a lot of the faculty and teammates from his sports teams. “I’ll miss a lot of the faculty because they helped me get together my future and a lot of my teammates from my sports’ teams. It’s been part of my life for so long so it means a lot to me, seeing them every day, and then not seeing them at all is going to be a big change, but I’m happy to have the experience with them.”

    Cedar Hittle will miss the teachers, however, he will not miss the homework. “I’m really not going to miss homework even though there’s homework in college. It’ll be pertaining to my major and on a different level instead of just busy work.”

    Alexis Alfano said, “I will miss the people and my friends, and mostly the sports because I know that I won’t be in them in college.”

    Alexa in her freshman year
    Alexa in her senior year

    Alexa Schmidt will miss her friends. “I think I will miss having all my friends together in the same place at the same time and also how close our class has gotten over the last four years.”

    Autumn Johnson said, “I am going to miss all the weekends with my best friends and sporting events and all my teachers. It’s really sad that in just a few weeks everything is going to be so different. On the bright side of things, I’m excited to see how successful everyone is going to be in the future.”

    Emily Sordo said, “I’m going to miss all the girls’ nights and the guys’ nights on the weekends. I’m going to miss the football games in the fall and causing trouble with my best friends. They say that high school goes by fast, and it truly does. You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.”

    Julia Zirchelbach will miss the community in the school. “I think the thing I’ll miss the most is the sense of community inside our school. Everybody knows everyone, and that’s something so special– walking through a hall and being able to talk to everyone, teachers included. I’m going to miss the family we’ve built over the past 4 years.”

    Good luck to the class of 2017 and all they will do in their futures.

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