Budget Referendum: May 10th


Daily Hampshire Gazette

Voting stickers are displayed Sept. 8 at the Bangs Community Center in Amherst during the state primary election. SARAH CROSBY/Gazette Staff

Written by Daniel Radka|

Tomorrow, May 10, there is a budget referendum in the town of Clinton. There are two separate budgets up for a vote: the town budget and the education budget. If either budget does not pass, in two weeks, there will be another vote on an updated budget.

In order to vote, you must be a Clinton resident and own at least $1,000 of property, either vehicle or land. Morgan students who wish to vote must have registered at least 48 hours before the referendum. Students are encouraged to register to vote as soon as possible so that they can vote in the event that the budget does not pass on the first round. The students will then be eligible to vote in any future reconciliations.

Below are the sections of the education budget: (source: LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF CLINTON BUDGET REPORT)
Capital Expenditure Budget: 292,738
Debt Service: 1,949,278
Operating Budget 32,503,470
Total Education: 34,745,486

Below are the sections of the town budget: (source: LEGAL NOTICE TOWN OF CLINTON BUDGET REPORT)
Total Selectmen: 171,818
Total General Government Administration: 5,096,477
Total Finance: 268,376
Total Elections and Meetings: 35,014
Total Town Clerk: 159,412
Total Public Works: 1,845,456
Total Planning/Development: 380,139
Total Parks and Recreation: 265,193
Total Health/Well-Being: 1,253,687
Total Debt Remediation: 1,847,646
Total Other General Government: 279,020
Total General Government: 6,909,169
Total Public Safety: 4,323,249
Total C.I.P.: 862,920
Total Town: 17,687,459