How can YOU partcipate?


Written by Gavin Carlisle |
Photos by Gavin Carlisle |

A couple of weeks ago, there was a slideshow during advisory about the leadership opportunities here at Morgan. Recently, a survey was sent out to all of the students at Morgan inquiring about what leadership programs they were applying for.

Not everyone applying for the leadership programs filled out the survey, but the results are still worth sharing. When asked what leadership programs the students are applying for, 68.4% (26) of the people said STEP, 28.9% (11) of the people said the Mentoring program, 5.3% (5) of the people said the Husky Leadership program, another 5.3% (5) of the people said Student Council, and the last 28.9% (11) people said none. For another question, 57.9%  (22) of the participants stated they were going to apply for one of the leadership programs in the future. To repeat this disclaimer, these results do not represent the entirety of the students at The Morgan School.

This is a reminder that there is still time to apply for some of the leadership programs. The Husky Leadership program application deadline was April 28th and the Student Council application deadline was May 9th, but the Mentoring program and STEP program application deadlines are both May 16th, so there is still time to apply for those.

If you have not applied for any of the programs yet, you should consider it. The programs are a great way to become involved with The Morgan School community and help out the incoming Freshman Class. Freshman Maria Avila-Hernandez said she applied for STEP because “it was very helpful for me so I want to help the incoming freshmen…I also want to be there for the freshmen since they really don’t know anything about Morgan.” Sophomore Amber DeLuca stated, “I like to be involved and I find that it makes me feel better and more accomplished. I also really like seeing a well-rounded school with happy kids.”

Overall, the leadership programs here at Morgan work to help the community of The Morgan School and Clinton in general. As previously stated, you should think about applying for any of the leadership programs, whether it is now or in the future.