The Morgan Odyssey by Jillian and Jaimey


Written by Marie Kane |
Video by Marie Kane

Last year, the last year in the old Morgan School, current seniors Jaimey Cretella and Jillian Accetta made a video: The Morgan Legacy.  This year, they have made a new video entitled The Morgan Odyssey, but this time, of course, it features our new school. This year’s Morgan movie was shown in the gym during X Block on Wednesday, May 31.

Before the video, Jillian spoke about last year’s video and this year’s production. She thanked the many teachers and people who were involved in the video for all of their time and help.

This year’s video featured parts of the new school, students, teachers, and interesting moments from the beginning of a new era for Morgan. Jaimey and Jillian began filming in the beginning of May and have worked very hard on it. Last year, it took them five to six months of work to complete the video. This year, however, with the shorter time frame, there was some cramming. Jillian and Jaimey sent emails to invite people to be in the video, and they walked around and grabbed random people to ask them if they would like to be in it.

Jill came up with the idea for the video both years. Jaimey describes Jill as her “wingman”. Jaimey’s favorite part of making the video is watching it as they make it: “We’re complete dorks so there are a lot of random bloopers so it’s really funny.”

Jill’s favorite part of making the video is editing the video: “Editing is my favorite part because it’s the funniest part with the footage. I love watching the reactions of people watching it.”

On Tuesday, May 23, the filming of the mannequin challenge for the video took place during C period on the third floor. This took about fifteen minutes. Most of the students who were included in this mannequin challenge had class on the third floor during C period, making it easy to have the mannequin challenge take place for filming the video.

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