Creative Expo: May 11th


Written by Marie Kane |

On May 11 from 6-8 pm, there will be the first annual Creative Expo here at Morgan. Work will be presented by students. On this night, the community may come to Morgan to view students’ hard work and creativity.

Consumer science teacher Joanne Nunan, Engineering teacher Lawrence Chapman, and Tech-ed teachers Jessica Mularski and Ted Enoch will be helping out with this expo. Mrs. Mularski will be accepting submissions of creative work from students, and she will approve the work for the expo. Some of the classes here at Morgan will be involved in this expo.

Mr. Enoch is the technical director and contributing artist of this event. Mrs. Mularski who is organizing the expo will be helping students and teachers set up their displays.  She said, “I am very excited for this year!  I am hoping that students can show off the amazing work that they do, and that creativity and innovation can be celebrated.  I want students to be excited and proud of their work.”

The seniors in Science teacher Colleen Whittel’s Earth and Space class will be showing a video on global warming. It will show a newscast supporting and denying opinions of global warming. Spanish teacher Laura Luther’s Honors Spanish 4 class will be cooking Spanish food to bring to the Creative Expo for everybody to enjoy. Students who take Rock Band will be singing and playing some songs on their guitars. They played a few songs at the assembly during an advisory assembly about this Expo. Mrs. Nunan’s cooking class will be catering the event with delicious treats. At the Creative Expo, there will also be many photos on display, created by the Intro to Communications and Video Production class. During advisory on May 2nd at the schoolwide assembly about the expo, students viewed four videos created by students in Intro to Communications. These Expo will feature these videos and others. Work from the Digital Imaging classes will also be on display, and the Expo will feature performances by the Slam Poetry club.

Come to the Creative Expo and listen to music, indulge in delicious treats, watch entertaining clips, look at interesting photos and art, and take a look at other creative work by the Morgan student body!