A Working Summer


Written by Alexis Alfano and Ivan Villanueva |

The time is coming for students to start applying for summer jobs. Many students cannot work during the school year because of sports or clubs after school. Most students also have little to no time to even work on the weekends.

According to livablity.com Clinton Connecticut has an employment rate of 97% and an unemployment rate of 3%. Overall it is fair to say that Clinton is a hard working town. Students of the Morgan School will apply to jobs to earn money for summer activities.

Most places open up more job opportunities to people because the summer brings more traffic from people who are vacationing. While parents still work 5 days a week, their children need care. Whistle While You WorkSome jobs that incorporate working with children is a  camp counselor, nanny, and babysitter. There are a lot of jobs that involve working outdoors or being near the water. Employment is possible at a marina, beaches, snacks stands and more. 

The outlets get very busy and cause a lot of traffic in the summer. The outlets will hire for seasonal jobs during the summer and the holidays. They will have set dates that they need workers, and it could be an opportunity for students who cannot work during the school year. Junior Georgia Nye works at a bagel company. “I work at Cohens, Saturday mornings.” Georgia said Cohens is “not hiring at this time.” Most places will advertise if they are hiring, so it is easier for people to know about their positions. Junior Sam Hauser tells us about his job situation. “I do not have a job right now, but I plan to get one for the summer.”

Not only are there job openings in the summer there are also internship opportunities. It is a good opportunity to get experience in the field that students want to go into that can be used for a resume. Senior Alexa Schmidt tells us that she works at “American Eagle, babysits and interns at the clinic.” There are always places that seek volunteers.

The Morgan Support Services office has a bulletin posted on jobs that are hiring. They will update it every time new job positions are announced. The guidance office can also provide insight on where students should go if they are trying to find a new job.