School Environment: Climate Change at Morgan


Written by Calvin Jackson and Dan Radka|

The Morgan School Student Council is creating a Climate Committee. The committee is going to focus on bridging the gap between the student body and the administration. Students who are members of the climate committee will act as liaisons between the student body and the administration, relaying issues, requests, and general student comments to Principal Keri Hagness and Assistant Principal Tyler Webb in monthly meetings.

The idea for the Climate Committee came from Mrs. Luther, who had one in place over ten years ago (the first time she was the Student Council Advisor). Many students feel that this committee is a great idea. They especially like the fact that each meeting will have a time slot for anyone to come and speak to the committee. Sophomore Alex Rauccio said, “I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a while. There’s been a lack of communication between teachers and students for a long time.” Freshman Logan Cummings voiced his opinion on the idea of the committee saying, “I feel that it is definitely a good idea. I think that a better understanding between the teachers and students would be beneficial for all.”

The committee is comprised of student council members senior Burton Caldwell, sophomores Erin Lindsay, Dan Radka, Caleb Adams-Hull, Rachel Flanagan, Joelle Vuilleumier, and freshman Analyse Olcott. Student Council Advisor Laura Luther said that the purpose of the Climate Committee is to “facilitate communication between students and the administration.” Principal Keri Hagness though that the committee is a great idea. She said, “I think that the opportunity for us to have time set aside to talk about our school climate is a good thing. We could create events and solve issues… [and] it gives more responsibility to students. I would like to be able to have some staff representation too.”

Although only student council members are eligible to be part of the committee, any student’s voice in the Morgan School can be heard at the open forums that will be held monthly. The first official meeting is scheduled for early May 2017.