SAT Day: School Must Go On


Written by Abbey Norton |

The Juniors have the opportunity to take a free SAT on April 5th, but for the rest of the students, the school day must go on!

Because of our block schedule, it is much easier to form the school day around the SAT. “We’re blocking off one of the wings of the school, third floor, the A upper wing,” Mr. Webb explained. Every other student will attend classes on the second and first floors during the day. If your classroom is usually on the third floor, talk to your teacher to see where your class will be on Wednesday.

The third floor of the A wing was picked specifically for the Juniors because they are able to turn the bells off for that floor. The rest of the floors will have an audible bell.

B and D periods will be five minutes longer. E period will start slightly later. G period will be ten minutes shorter.

Why are Seniors not able to come in late on Wednesday? The problem is the amount of time left. Students only have two months left, and those two months are littered with days off, such as Husky Helper Day and the Senior Outing. Teachers do not have much time left to finish up their final lessons. Giving Seniors more time off will just disrupt the classroom experience. “We have a lot of field trips coming up. We have teachers who really are trying to not have as much disruption, so that’s a big reason why we’re trying to keep things as normal as they possibly can,” Mrs. Hagness said.

Seniors Hannah Gaudet and Emily Sordo


Some Seniors argue that the Seniors last year were able to come in late, but Mrs. Hagness said, “we had Seniors come in [at 7:35] last year as well.”

Juniors are incredibly lucky to have the ability to take the SAT in school. “The biggest benefit for the SAT is that the tests can be used for college,” Mr. Webb said. “It’s free, so it’s a cost-saving measure for kids.”

Seniors, remember to do your homework Tuesday night!